Retreat Details


If we had to pick one word to describe the structure and format of our retreats, we'd pick BALANCE.  We believe the retreat experience should enrich and enliven the senses, the spirit, and the soul within. To this end, we craft agendas that balance our time together to allow you to interact with yourself and others at a pace that allows you to absorb and imprint the experience in your heart and soul.  

Our weekend and week-long trips are designed to balance time learning, sharing, and exploring with pockets of free time where you can pamper yourself at the spa, grab your journal and wander to a quiet spot, go for a hike,  explore the vibrant local artist community, or soak up the sunshine as you grab a well-deserved snooze by the pool.  Our goal is to create the best possible opportunity for you to absorb your experience as it's occurring and enrich your soul. 

Our semi-private groups are typically between three and six people. This creates opportunity for one-on-one time with the guide.  Every experience -  be it a half day or week-long - includes time in advance with the retreat guide.  We share ideas and set some  intentions for our time together and this helps us tailor each agenda to your goals and objectives.  

Half & Full Day Excursions:  

Our half and full day excursions in Sedona are a great way to "check in" with you... take a quick pause, catch your breath, and walk with a knowing soul to help guide and support you as you focus on a question or goal.  We match our activities and plan our time based on what you hope to gain from the experience.   

Weekend and Week-long Retreats:

Our weekend and week-long formats provide a unique blend of guided sessions, individual and group work, and lots of time to reflect... and play.   While every group experience is tailored to the unique goals of the individual(s),  here's a general example of what you can expect. 

Arrival & Kick-off:  You arrive and settle into your beautiful accommodations.  Kick off your experience with a massage at the spa or nap at the pool.  Then meet up with our group for a short, guided meditation. We set intentions for our time together and follow this with an early dinner.

Days 2 through 5 (depending on length):  Each day begins with a sunrise hike and/or yoga. Not into morning?  Then hit the snooze button and join us a little later for breakfast!  We will intersperse through the day group learning sessions,  one-on-one time with retreat guides,  and  field trips and other outdoor activities to experience nature's amazing beauty and magic first-hand.

Farewell Morning:  Depending on group travel requirements, we will plan a sunrise hike and/or yoga.  Breakfast will be at your leisure.  Check out time at the resort is typically 11 am. 

Pre & Post Retreat:  You will meet via phone with the retreat guide prior to your arrival,  share your goals and discuss what you hope to gain from the experience. Post retreat, you  will have one follow-up session with the retreat guide to discuss progress, troubleshoot any resistance, and determine alternative courses if necessary.

A detailed agenda, pre-program materials, pertinent travel resources and other information will be shared following registration. 



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