The Journey to Passion and Purpose


Begin, continue, or evolve your journey of self-discovery and awareness. Dig deep into your soul,  visualize your dreams and create an intentional path to your goals.   

Participants are in search of depth, perspective, and clarity. Many are approaching or have arrived at one of life's many crossroads, seeking an enriching experience to make choices, and encouraging them along their path.  

  • Individuals seeking a purposeful, "well" life encompassing mind, body, and spirit
  • Professionals longing for a stronger, appropriate balance between work and personal goals.
  • Business owners, leaders, and professionals facing career change or retirement.
  • Parents standing inside an empty house, wondering what to do with the quiet.
  • Individuals experiencing some form of loss,  processing  a compendium of emotions, and searching for a new center.

Most want to hit the pause button on their life and shift focus to "me".  For some, it feels like the first time that they have been the priority in their own lives.  Many take the time to visit current goals and aspirations, adjust plans where needed, and step forward. The common bond for all lies in the desire to look at life, listen and enrich the heart and soul, and reach for something new.  We work to help release whatever impedes happiness, open the heart and spirit, and find space for passions and goals to emerge.  





Private Retreat



Retreat Highlights

Our retreats provide a unique blend of guided sessions with individual and group exercises.  Each day includes meditative and yoga practices as well as activities that connect and ground into nature's abundant beauty and energy. We balance proven methods and practices with experiential wisdom. Every experience is individual, even if presented in a group environment.  Each participant has one on one time with the retreat guides to explore the more private aspects of your goals.  All of this is balanced with time for self reflection and opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, as well as explore the beauty of each destination.  

You will meet via phone with the retreat guide prior to your arrival,  share your goals and discuss what you hope to gain from the experience. Post retreat, the individual will have a minimum of three follow-up sessions with the retreat guide to discuss progress, troubleshoot any resistance, and determine alternative courses if necessary.

Destination & Duration

We currently offer 3-day (weekend),  as well as 5 and 7 day week formats in Sedona, Scottsdale, and Maui.   We also offer Private Retreats - either on an individual or a small group basis (up to 10 individuals).  We believe that the world is a playground, full of magic and wonder.  You pick the destination, and we will craft a private custom experience.  Together, we explore your goals, dreams, and aspirations as we immerse into the cultures, customs, and special energies found in many places around the world.