Life is about choices. At the point of change or transition, we often ponder if and how we best alter our choice(s), allow life to open, and embrace possibility. Our individual (private) and group programs engage with individuals seeking greater depth, perspective, and clarity as they define and reach value-driven goals.  

  • create a purposeful life 
  • address career transitions & retirement
  • maintain professional and personal balance 
  • grow forward from loss
  • embrace a "well" life encompassing, mind, body, and spirit

Coaching may be a good "fit" for you if you find yourself in one (or more) of the following places:

  • A parent standing inside an empty for the first time wondering what to do with all the quiet
  • A business owner or executive leaving the company that you founded or made significant contribution
  • An addict wanting unearth the roots of dependency and re-craft goals and aspirations
  • A person impacted by violence and the experience has left you feeling inadequate, frightened, uncertain and/or unable to move forward
  • An individual experiencing loss and unclear as to the best way to process a compendium of emotions, find a new center and place that loss honorably and lovingly into your heart. 

Coaching may be a good option if any of these ring true and you are ... 

  • Wondering what happens next and how you define (or redefine) your value and purpose
  • Seeking a method to re-pattern your life into a space of perpetual recovery and growth
  • Wanting to release holds and emerge as an empowered survivor able to sit peacefully with the world and your story
  • Reaching for a hand as you digest a compendium of  emotions and find a new center
  • Charting a course into a completely new chapter of life.

Coaching is an opportunity to consider choices, and uncover and conquer resistance and barriers that inhibit progress and success. We develop practical tools, approaches, and guideposts to traverse the trails. We celebrate, as you propel forward with your choices and step closer to your highest, best potential. 

The individual creates the purpose and context of the work. Coaches actively listen and provide structure and support as the individual uncovers and unblock obstacles that make stated goals difficult to achieve. Together, we shift the lens of perspective to broaden ideas, and entrench new patterns and behaviors .The coach empowers the individual to find their own advice, craft their solution, and take full responsibility for integration and outcome. 

Engagements are structured in three month increments. We typically meet twice each month, for about ninety minutes. We use our "in session" time to deep dive into your agenda. We leave each session with "homework". These assignments are structured, reflective opportunities for you to explore, and learn more about various aspects of your goals.