blog post archives - 2015

Hi!  Thanks for visiting the archives!   In 2010, I took my first steps into writing and in this, I found a medium to safely and fully explore my feelings and emotions about the things had been lost to me.   I wrote essays about the things I was learning along the way.  I learned how to find my words and I let my heart open and wander into the world.  In 2015, I was awaiting the publication of Untethered,  and had just begun my work on finalizing Becoming Kate.  My blog continued to provide me an open space to share what I found along life's many trails. Thank you for strolling along with me!

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gateway to the heart  3 August 2015

the legend of kauila 20 July 2015

don't go breaking my heart  20 July 2015

those summer nights  15 June 2015

chapter one... becoming kate  18 May 2015

two hearts transformed.. the fuller house and me  27 April 2015

my editing shoes 3 April 2015

knowing when  1 February 2015

one word... soar 5 January 2015




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