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Hi!  Thanks for visiting the archives!   In 2010, I took my first steps into writing and in this, I found a medium to safely and fully explore my feelings and emotions about the things that had been lost to me.   I wrote essays about the things I was learning along the way.  I learned how to find my words and I let my heart open and wander into the world.  In 2014, as I was working on my first book, Untethered, I also launched a blog.   At first it was a "lab" -- a place where I could become comfortable sharing feelings and thoughts about things in a very public way.  It's since evolved into a very special space of writing -- where I continue to wander and explore -- and share what I find along the way.   These are some of my first posts... thank you for strolling along with me!

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what's in a name   2  December 2014

untethered... special news for a special day 29 August 2014

the whale in my dream 4 August 2014

remembering my dad 15 June 2014

a lesson from an old friend 26 May 2014

get big air... the beauty in the fall 4 May 2014

unlearning 6 April 2014

halfway to the half 2 March 2014

practice... makes perfect? 1 July 2014

what I learned... so far   5 January 2014




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