Our mission is to help individuals and businesses embrace and live fully into passion and purpose. Destination retreats in Sedona and Maui.  We  blend proven methods and practical wisdom -- providing the foundation to embrace change,  open the path to possibility, and clarify, define, and reach value-driven goals. 


Coaching & Advisory Services

Our coaching practice focuses on the "next"... how a business or an individual realizes and actualizes their goals in an world that is constantly shifting and evolving around them. Our purpose is to help open a space  as you consider choices, set intentions and goals, and uncover and conquer resistance and barriers that inhibit progress and success. We walk with you as you traverse the trail and journey toward your aspirations. 


Seminars, Workshops

To us, speaking is storytelling; it's an opportunity to be curious and broaden perspective.  Our conversations center on the journey to wholeness and peace -- how life creates the opportunity to learn, reach, release,  heal, and grow -- everyday.  We share our stories, not as prescriptive, but as an example of the power that lives within each of us to change and empower our lives.